Get ready to melt your fears around money for GOOD and step into the abundant version of yourself...

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    Welcome Money Making Baddie! We begin on June 3rd!

    • *UPDATED* Course Schedule

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    • First Group Meeting

    • Group Q&A #1

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    Module 1: Intention

    • Part One: Welcome to MMB!

    • Part Two: So why are you here?

    • Part Three: MMB 7-Step Process

    • Part Four: It's time to start rewiring your subconscious mind

    • Workbook Questions

    • Bonus #1: Budgeting Your Money Like A Baddie Playbook

    • Intention Setting Ritual

    • 10 Minute Morning Meditation

  • 4

    Module 2: Unlearn

    • Part One: The programs creating your reality

    • Part Two: Conscious mind VS Subconscious mind

    • Part Three: What movie are you playing?

    • Part Four: Who are you BEING?

    • Part Five: Primary and Secondary limiting beliefs

    • Part Six: How to process your emotions like a Baddie

    • Workbook Questions #1

    • Workbook Questions #2

    • Processing Your Emotions Like a Baddie Workbook

    • Eternal Nothing Meditation

  • 5

    Module 3: Release

    • Part One: Who you truly are

    • Part Two: Ego VS Higher Self

    • Part Three: Shadow Self

    • Part Four: Ego VS Higher Self Desires + Giving Your Money a Purpose

    • Workbook Questions

    • Releasing Tool #1: Breath work

    • Releasing Tool #2: Rage Dancing

    • Releasing Tool #3: Shaking

    • Healing Affirmations

  • 6

    Module 4: Recreate

    • Part One: It's time to recreate your relationship with money!

    • Part Two: Creating your 12 month vision

    • Part Three: What do you want to suffer for?

    • Part Four: Neutralizing and normalizing your emotions

    • Part Five: Universal Laws of Action and Vibration

    • Workbook Questions

    • Higher Self Meditation


  • 7

    Module 5: Rewire

    • Part One: What are your limiting beliefs around money?

    • Part Two: How to rewire limiting beliefs like a Baddie

    • Part Three: Mastering your emotions around money

    • Part Four: FOCUS!

    • Workbook

    • Reprogramming Tool #1: Affirmations & Rules

    • Reprograming Tool #2: Mind movies

    • Reprogramming Tool #3: Hypnosis

    • Releasing Tool #4/ Reprogramming Tool #4: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) TAPPING


    • Mind Movie- I am successful & wealthy

  • 8

    Module 6: Embody

    • Part One: It's time to EMBODY your inner Money Making Baddie

    • Part Two: Managing Your Money Like A Baddie

    • Part Three: What to expect


    • Workbook

  • 9


    • How to record your own affirmations

    • How to record your own mind movie

What the anxiety your feeling is really trying to tell you and why you haven't had a breakthrough yet....

Okay so you know those anxious feelings you get every single time it's time to make a purchase, check your bank statements, pay a bill, or even consider going out with the girls for GNO!? Well those anxious feelings are all trying to tell you something that is 10 layers deep within you. Those emotions of fear, lack, and scarcity are all communicating with you that you have some deep rooted limiting beliefs and conditioning when it comes to making, managing, and attracting more money. Before I tell you all about it…I’m curious, do any of these sound familiar?

Sound Familiar?

  • Are you tired of complaining, moaning, crying, and wishing on a star that you one day will soon turn around your money story?

  • Feel anxious every single time it's time to make a purchase?

  • Don't know how to manage your money so you end up impulsively spending it all?

  • ALWAYS have bills to pay and never have any money left for yourself?

  • Feel like sh*t because everyone seems to have money but you?

  • Settle for the cheaper options even though you really desire the higher-end options?

  • Wish you can give your family the financial support you very badly want to give them?

You have the power to recreate your money story

Let ME be the first to tell you that the things you are struggling with the most right now, are the things that you are meant to master this lifetime. 

If you find yourself constantly feeling defeated by money...get excited because you are mastering the lesson of WEALTH. 

Guess what Baddie? Everything that you believe and feel to be true about your personal money story were all things that you have absorbed/ learned/ taught by your family, friends, culture, the media…they all have imprinted their own beliefs around money and have therefore impacted your perception of money. 

Now before you freak the F out and stamp yourself as the unlucky one…I want to share with you some REALLY good news. Just like you learned everything you know about money from society, friends, family, television, etc you can UNLEARN it and create a brand new identity that supports the financial life you want. 

Everything that I listed above were all things that I struggled with for years until I finally learned about the power of our subconscious mind…

Let me explain. 

If I did it...SO CAN YOU

From a very early age, I was always MONEY motivated and driven BUT I was always a very impulsive spender who enjoyed the luxuries, and finer things in life. 

This could be a blessing and a curse in some sense because this led me to work my booty off for money…only to impulsively spend it on clothes, a few necessities, and the weekend. 

I clearly remember me using the weekends to spend my money and escape the 9-5 lifestyle that I lived back then. 

Well…escaping the 9-5 reality became such an unhealthy program that it ended up leading me to quit my job with no actionable plan, back up job, NADA. Quickly falling behind on bills, spending more money on the weekends, attracting the wrong crowds and opportunities, and quickly sinking to my rock bottom moment. 

And the funny part was that I felt SOOO anxious but at the same time careless about having to pay people back, pay my bills on time, and I continued to splurge my money on the weekends. 

Well this quickly DID catch up to me (negative balance in my bank account catch up to me). I had collections blowing me up every single day, asking for money. I would purposely dodge calls in fear that on the other side of Hello would be AT&T, Bank of America, and Westlake Financial ready to collect my debt. 

REMINDER: I had no job.

At this point in my life I felt DEFEATED by money. I felt pathetic, like a failure, and quickly started down talking myself. 

Back then, I measured my value by how much money I had in my bank account so you could only imagine how unworthy I felt. 

This affected my mental, emotional, and physical health.  

I knew that if I wanted to turn my money story around, I had to change my entire life around and that meant making a few temporary sacrifices. 

Eventually I did have to find a job and although I hated working as a server, I knew that this short term pain was going to help me focus on creating long term pleasure. 

Divine timing quickly took full effect and to my surprise I ended up in the self help section at Barnes and Nobles and my life took the F off form there. 

I dove DEEP and I mean DEEEEEP into everything that touched on recreating, redesigning, and reinventing the fuck out of yourself. 

I remember having a strong desire to BE someone completely different. I knew that If I wanted to have different results, I actually needed to be different. I needed to talk, think, feel, and act differently than how I was. 

Well…good news, it worked!

I became someone different and thus began to see different results in my life. I now get to work from the comfort of my home, teach other women how to apply the knowledge that has worked for me, and be myself! 

Let me be the first to tell you that if I can do it…so can you! The only one who is getting in the way of money coming to you, is you. 

It’s the limiting beliefs and emotions around money that keep you stuck in your old patterns. Money Making Baddies is the program that is going to teach you the energy work that comes along with money. Here you WILL rewire your limiting beliefs around money and thus rewire your LIFE. 

MMB is your opportunity to take matters into your own hands and create the financial destiny that you were destined to live. 

Right now...

This is where you are at right now...this is pre-MMB

  • Impulsively spending money on short term pleasures & creating long term pain

  • Not tracking or managing your money

  • Logging into your bank account to make sure you have enough money to pay

  • Constantly living in fear, stress, and survival mode

  • Holding back on treating yourself for months in a row because you have to pay bills

With our help...

This is where you will be after the program...this is post-MMB

  • Manage your money in wise and fun ways

  • Take your financial situation by the horns and recreate your money story instead of constantly running away from it

  • Shake off that lack mentality and shift into an expansive and abundant mentality

  • Attract amazing money opportunities and see more money flowing in your bank account as a result of you fixing your relationship with money

  • Feel expansive and abundant every time it's time to make a purchase or handle your money

Module 1

In this first module you will begin your money story by getting crystal clear on where you are at now and where you would like to go. Here you will own your sh*t by taking a thorough and honest look at your financial situation. Discover your biggest WHY, set powerful money intentions and DECLARE your NEW money story for good.

Module 2

Learn all about the most powerful tool you have to step into your abundance...your subconscious mind. Here you will learning how your subconscious mind works, how you have been programmed your entire life to focus on lack, as well as reflect on the person you are currently BEING. Expect a lot of mind blow's in this section.

Module 3

In order to master making purchases the intuitive way, you must learn how to distinguish the two voices in your mind, ego and higher self, and that's what Module 3 is all about. Here expect to learn about your ego's desires vs. your heart's desires. Clear out your auric field so that you can become a clear channel of abundance by digging deep into some shadow work. Expect to forgive, release, and heal from past situations that still have a hold over you and are affecting your money story.

Module 4

In module 4 you will be recreating your vision. Plan out your next 6 month-1 year or at the very least open yourself up to change and playing a bigger game during this time. Rewire limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs so that you can create your life intentionally from here on out. Some really fun rewiring tools and techniques are included as well!

Module 5

It's time to put some action behind that prayer. Learn why taking PHYSICAL action is crucial as well as how to manage your money like a boss without feeling like you're neglecting your wants & desires. Hone down on some healthy tips for busting through future limiting beliefs and fears around money. AND learn why gratitude, faith, and giving freely to others are GOLD.

Module 6

Solidify this new identity by making abundance your NATURAL state. Here you will be learning how to make this program an entire new way of BEING. Learn how to regulate your nervous system around money as well as reflect back on who you have become inside this program.

Here's what's waiting for you inside

  • 6 Core Training Modules

  • Meditations, Hypnosis, Affirmations, and Subliminals

  • 3 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

  • 6 Transformational Workbooks

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


But that's not also get these sweet bonuses!

  • Get Money Making Baddies 50% off

    As an introductory, founding will receive MMB at HALF the price then for what this program will sell for in the Fall.

  • Pink Money Checks!

    Manifest your desired income with these cute and powerful money checks from the Bank of Abundance (;

  • Small and Intimate Group of 20 Baddies

    This program is limited to 20 founding members. I want to keep this first round of MMB small and intimate to increase connection and performance.

Pricing options

Pay for MMB in FULL or split up the payments into easy fractions!

So Baddie...Are you READY to start shifting your money mindset from lack, fear, and worry into abundance, love, and confidence!? Join 19 other Baddies and get started TODAY .