Okay let's get real for a sec...do any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you tired of constantly spiraling out on illusive mind games of your own?


  • Know that you’re getting in your own way but don’t know exactly how to get out the way?


  • Stuck in inaction due to the fears that keep you distracted from living the life you truly do desire to create?

  • Are DONE dealing with the daily self sabotage, doubt, and insecurities?


  • Tired of dreading the days, months, and years to come because you don’t know what you want to do with your life? 


  • Want to learn how to get better at quieting your inner critic and amplify your inner Baddie? 


  • Have this inner knowing that there is more to life?


  • Want to start actually embodying and experiencing what true alignment feel like for you?

About the program

Baddie B University is a 10 week DEEP-dive program that teaches women how to heal and live in alignment with the highest versions of themselves. Inside BBU, you along with other like minded Baddies, will decondition yourself from societal conditioning, childhood identities, traumas and limiting beliefs SO that you can truly reveal the Baddie that is within. 

This is the program for women who are craving a better understanding of  themselves- mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Expect to become conscious of the unconscious, heal and transform into the baddest version of yourself. 

Rather than fixing your outside world, BBU begins with the INSIDE stuff first (then the outside will follow-i promise).  When you work from the inside-out, not only do you reclaim your authenticity but you also create channels of natural abundance as a buy product of you doing the inner work. 

BBU is PRE-recorded and uploaded weekly onto your student portal where you can watch the videos and go at your own pace. 

LIVE Group Q&A sessions will be going down bi-weekly (5 meetings in total). In addition, breathwork, yoga, EFT (tapping), meditations, hypnosis, subliminal affirmations, rage dancing, and shaking are also included and sprinkled throughout the 10 week program.

Baddie B University is a culmination of everything I have used in my life and in my clients’ lives so I know this stuff WORKS. If you commit yourself and play at 100 then YOU WILL receive the transformation that you are looking for.

All of that waits for you just on the other side of that sign up button…

Phase 1- Intention Phase (Week 1)

Before embarking on any journey…you must know where you are heading. You don’t just hop into your car and randomly start driving with no sense of direction right? Same goes with the course of your life. In the intention phase you will get super clear on what exactly you wish to get out of this program so that you can stop chasing life and start to dictate your life.

Phase 2- Unlearn & Release Phase (Weeks 2, 3, 4, & 5)

In order to call in on the new, you must first create space for your desires and that all starts with letting go of the things that are truly holding you back from living up to your highest potential. In this phase you will peel back on the layers that are not serving you-including societal conditioning- so that you can reveal your true authentic higher self. Forgiveness, shadow work/inner child healing, trauma in the body healing as well as other healing tools and practices are all a part of these 4 weeks.

Phase 3- Relearn and Recreate Phase (Weeks 6, 7, & 8)

With a clean slate, now you can start to rebuild your empire from the ground up! During these 3 weeks, expect to really approach your life from an entirely new angle…a bird’s eye angle to be exact. In this phase you will finally rewire your subconscious mind for success and leave those old, energy siphoning, identities for GOOD. Rewire your limiting beliefs so that this new way of being is locked in!

Phase 4- Embodiment Phase (Weeks 9 & 10)

Learn how to bring this program back full circle and rebirth into the new, improved, and BADDEST you! In the embodiment phase you will learn how to make the teachings inside BBU an entire new way of BEING. Wrap up the course knowing that you truly have everything you will ever need to discover your truest self. Are you excited!? Welcome home Baddie.

In addition to the lecture modules, BBU also includes:

Audio Downloads:

Get access to exclusive BBU meditations, hypnosis, and subliminal affirmations all used to access and reprogram deep rooted limiting beliefs that are the drivers behind everything you do and don't do in life.

5 LIVE Q&A Sessions:

Have a question during your massive transformation? Every other week, during these 10 weeks, we will be meeting together as a group to work through the things that come up for you during your experience. Here you will have the chance to ask me anything as well as vibe with other like minded sisters!

10 Transformational Workbooks:

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself... and I will ask you lots of questions. HERE is where you will receive the biggest growth and is where the true magic happens!

Breath Work, Yoga, Rage Dancing, EFT (Tapping) and Shamanic Shaking Sessions:

Ever wanted to calm down your anxiety, release traumas stored in the body, and have the perfect tools under your belt to calm your ego/wounded child? Well now you can with these amazing grounding practices that lead you through the entire thing!

Private BBU FB Group full of like minded Baddies:

Want to feel supported by a group of badass women who are ready to skyrocket with you during your growth? Imagine how awesome it would feel knowing you have a safe place to discuss each other's transformation and create authentic friendships.

BUT that's not all, you'll also get access to these BONUSES:

Bonus #1: Record your own affirmations tutorial

Ever wanted to record your own affirmations? Well now you can with this easy to follow, done for you tutorial! Change the game when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious mind with this gem.

Bonus #2: Record your own mind movie tutorial

If you love vision boards, you're going to LOVE mind movies. With this tutorial, learn how to create your own video vision board that will reprogram your mind like MAGIC.

Bonus #3: Budgeting Your Money Like a Baddie Playbook:

Start tracking your finances like a boss with this printable, paycheck planner that will help you keep track of your finances, save for investments, as well as help bring down your anxiety and fears around your money. This planner will help you get CRYSTAL clarity on what exactly is going on with your finances.

Bonus #4: Balance Your Chakras Like a Baddie:

Get out of your head and into your body with this chakra balancing package that includes my favorite spiritual embodiment practices like yoga, hip winding, and dancing.

Here is a breakdown of everything:

  • 10 pre-recorded training modules

  • Exclusive BBU audios: meditations, hypnosis, and subliminal affirmations

  • 5 LIVE 60 minute- Group Q&A Sessions

  • 10 Weekly transformational Workbooks

  • Breathwork, Yoga, EFT (Tapping), Rage Dancing, Shaking

  • Private BBU Facebook Group

  • Bonus #1: Record your own affirmations tutorial

  • Bonus #2: Record your own mind movie tutorial

  • Bonus #3: Budgeting Your Money Like a Baddie Playbook

  • Bonus #4: Balance Your Chakras Like a Baddie

Pricing options

Pay for BBU in full or split up the payments into easy fractions.

Unique payment plan options are granted upon request

Meet Your Instructor- Steph

Hello beautiful! 

Can I begin by sharing how excited I am to kick off this transformational 10 week program together?! I KNOW from running this program with others,  just how powerful women can be when they access the kind of valuable information that a program like BBU offers them.

Think of BBU as a holy grail for all of your healing and inner discovery needs. Repeat this program as many times as you’d like per year and see how many transformations start to unfold for you. 

When I say transformational program, I seriously mean that. Baddie B University is not just some fun quick fix program you sign up for, follow through, and forget about. 

NO…Baddie B University is an entire new way of BEING. 

BBU is a program that will completely shift you, heal you & remold you into an entirely new woman. The framework and formula behind this program is the exact process I used with myself and with my clients therefore I know the kind of value that awaits you on the other side of that sign up button. 

You should be SO proud of yourself for going all in on the results that you want to create in your life and for taking 100% responsibility. 

Cheers to your success!

To Being Bad,