Before I tell you all about this life changing experience, let’s talk about who this offer is really for...

  • Ready to become aware of and face the fears that have been distracting you from creating the life you desire to live? 

  • Feel like you’re always “Daydreaming” and are ready to start taking unrecognizable action towards your goals?

  • Need help figuring out what you should be focusing on next in this phase of your life?

  • Are you looking for an honest coach to hold you accountable and help you fully shift into the reality that you want to create?

  • Feel like you’ve dipped your toes into the self help world but have not had or feel like you’ve stagnated from having a breakthrough of your own?

  • Are READ-Y to play FULL out on your goals and on the woman you desire to BE?!

If you resonate with at least ONE or MORE of these...then you're in the right place!

This 1:1 coaching package will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support that you need to create and launch your goals into action, keep you grounded and tip top on your mindset, and add a TON of value and impact into your life!

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Have CRYSTAL CLARITY on WHAT you want and WHY you want it

  • Know how to redirect your focus towards that which you desire and finally STOP focusing on the things that you do not desire

  • Learn how to get better at catching the Bullsh*t limiting phrases you keep telling yourself and that are preventing you from reaching that next best level

  • Have healed any primary and secondary limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from living a life less than you deserve.

  • Let go of someone and/or something that is NOT serving you and that you are ready to heal yourself from

  • Intentionally rewire old beliefs into new and empowering ones!

  • Have a 1 year vision with actionable steps that keep momentum flowing in your life

  • Have healthy boundaries and habits in place to keep you laser focused

  • Show up as the version of you who is playing at a higher level

  • Feel your new identity in your body

  • Make gratitude a daily practice that continuously brings you abundance

Here is a break down of the next 3 months for you:

Week 1: Intention

First, we will begin by getting both you and I, CRYSTAL CLEAR, with WHY you signed up for this 3-month coaching experience as well as set potent and clear intentions that the Universe/Your Higher Self can't help but get behind!

This first week we will be covering...

  • Why you signed up for this 3 month coaching
  • Get crystal clear on what it is that your soul is DESIRING
  • Redirect your focus towards the solution not the problem
  • Set potent intentions with an intention setting ritual!

Week 2: Unlearn

Next, we enter the UNLEARN PHASE, where you do exactly what this sounds like...UNLEARN all of the things that you have believed to be true about yourself and get to work uncovering the subconscious barriers that you are setting up all around yourself!

This second week we will be covering...

  • How to understand exactly how the subconscious mind works
  • How to become aware of the Bullsh*t limiting phrases you keep telling yourself and are preventing you from reaching that next best level
  • How to create some potent affirmations for yourself
  • How to begin upgrading your identity and shedding off the old

Weeks 3 & 4: Release

This is really the meat of our time together! This is really where you do the work you came to do. During this first week of the release phase, expect to REALLY explore your inner self on a DEEP level by getting to the root cause of your insecurities, self doubt, codependency, rage, frustration, etc

During these 2 weeks we will be covering:

  • Shadow work/ The shadow self
  • Inner child healing
  • Rage dancing/ Breathwork/ meditations/ and other healing tools
  • Healing any primary and secondary limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from living a life less than you deserve.
  • Letting go of someone and/or something that is NOT serving you and that you are ready to heal yourself from

Week 5: Rewire

Let the fun begin Baddie because this week we are encoding NEW empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind that are actually going to support the life that you're here to create.

In the rewire phase we will be covering:

  • How to intentionally rewire old beliefs into new and empowering ones!
  • How to shift your focus to that which you desire
  • How to work with your nervous system and goals!
  • How to record your own affirmations!

Week 6: Desire

Regardless of whether you know exactly what you wish to get out of life or have no clue at all, I got you girl! During week 6 of our time together, expect to cut all the BS excuses you have been telling yourself and get very honest with your innermost desires.

In the desire phase we will be covering:

  • What truly sets your soul on fire
  • What your 1-5 year vision looks like
  • What your values are and how you can begin to tap into them NOW
  • How to remain disciplined and focused with yourself and goals

Week 7: Recreate

It's time to get to work and begin taking MESSY, MASSIVE, INSPIRED ACTION! Did you catch the word messy? Yes girl! Things do not have to be picture perfect in order for you to make your dreams come true! Inspired action does not have to be perfecto mundo and during this week you'll see exactly what I mean!

In the recreate phase we will be covering:

  • Setting a 1-year goal for yourself
  • Breaking down the goal into bite size pieces that don't overwhelm you
  • Put healthy boundaries and habits in place to keep you laser focused
  • Take messy massive inspired action

Week 8: Embody

It's time to walk the walk sister! In the embody week you will begin to show up as the highest version of yourself! You know... the version of you that is absolutely killing it! Embodiment is a lifelong practice but we have to start somewhere and for you this week will be the stepping stone to your NEW identity.

In the embodiment phase we will be covering:

  • How to show up as the version of you who is playing at a higher level
  • Feel your new identity in your body
  • Learn the art of certainty
  • Tap into the emotions/vibrations that your goal is vibrating at
  • Normalize your new identity so that it STICKS

Week 9: Alignment

To me, alignment is when you are IN LINE VIBRATIONALLY with your goals and desired identity...plain and simple! Therefore in order to get into alignment with your desired identity, it's important that you are tapping into the Law of Vibration!

In this alignment week we will be covering:

  • How to use the Universal Laws like LOA and LOV to manifest your vision
  • How and why tapping into playful vibrations is the secret to manifesting
  • How to have faith in the Universe and trust that your desires are coming
  • Focus your attention and intention on that which you desire
  • Cut out the stuff that you KNOW can still be rid from your aura

Week 10: Progress report

In week 10, both of us will sit down and brush over your results since beginning our journey together. If you feel like you still need some help with certain areas this is where we will be tackling them. Your progress report is really you telling me what you still need help on so that we can work through them asap and not loose momentum, and thus avoid you getting stagnant.

During this week we will be covering:

  • The things that are causing you the most amount of worry/doubt
  • How to work through bumps when life hits you with surprises
  • Learn how to see problems as blessing
  • What your game plan is

Week 11: Gratitude

Similar to week 1 where you followed through with an intention setting ritual, in week 11 we will be setting a gratitude ritual. Gratitude is the emotion that vibrates the highest next to love. Gratitude is a potent amplifier to receiving that which you desire!

During this week we will be covering:

  • How to pray over your life
  • How to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself and the Universe
  • How to make gratitude a DAILY practice that you can not live without
  • Give thanks to yourself for embarking on this journey
  • Give thanks to Universe/God/Higher Self for leading you down this path
  • Reflect back on the person you were before signing up

Week 12: Full Circle

And just like that you are an entirely new Baddie! This last week is really just a chill, laughing, friends meet up where we both look back at the previous 3 months and REFLECT on the changes that really changed the game for you! Reflection is SO CRUCIAL because once you KNOW better you can than always do better, get back on track, and help others do the same!

During this last week we will be covering:

  • Where you were prior to working together
  • What really made the big shifts for you so that you now know what you can not live without/slack on
  • Comb over your goals once more
  • Lock in the NEW and UPGRADED YOU<3

AND, to make this deal EVEN better, I have some surprise bonuses for you!

Bonus #1: Pay in FULL and receive an Intention Setting Good Box

As a celebration of your investment into your MASSIVE success, Team Baddie B Mindset will be sending you a customized good box filled with my FAVORITE spirituality tools!

Bonus #2: Reach me at ANY time of the day via VOXER

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that will allow us to communicate at any time of the day! There is also a texting option in case you don't feel like recording your voice! Use this app to ask me any questions that you may have about your journey, blind spots, difficulties... all that.

Bonus #3: Record your own affirmations tutorial

Ever wanted to record your own affirmations? Well now you can with this easy to follow, done for you tutorial! Change the game when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious mind with this gem.

Bonus #4: Get discounted rates (VIP Baddies) into all my programs and future coaching offers

Join Baddie B University and/or Money Making Baddies at a VIP Baddies, discounted rate! VIP Baddies are my primed Baddies who have already worked with me at some point and are READY to invest in a program that takes the work deeper.